Outdated bathroom? Might be time for an upgrade.

There are a few “Dos” and “Don’ts” to consider while remodeling your bathroom:


  1. Find Design Inspiration: With such a big project ahead of you it is important to have a set plan in mind – have a good idea of what you want the final project to look like.
  2. Keep High-End Products Neutral: While talking about high-end products we are looking at floor tiles or shower design for example. Keeping these things neutral better ensures they stay on trend in years to come.
  3. Splurge on a Shower: Every room has a focal point, and in a bathroom, it is often the shower. Luxurious showers have been popular, so it may be smart to highlight the shower by choosing a luxurious style. Note: if you are looking to sell you may want to consider what is in style.


  1. Forget to Consider Budget: While trying to get all of what you want in the bathroom, try to be realistic with your budget. Think about your budget throughout the process as well as what needs to be done and what you wish could happen. This will help to keep you within your budget.
  2. Go Without Storage: Storage space gives your bathroom a polished look, so it is important not to overlook this feature.
  3. Skimp on Vanity: Vanities can make a big statement. With options of double sinks, big mirrors or storage do not overlook this feature. You may even want to splurge with granite or marble countertops.


There may just be cosmetic changes necessary like new appliances because they are out of trend.  With that, you may want to improve the utilities in your bathroom with added storage or better ventilation.  Utilities can also be replaced to improve the overall energy efficiency, like getting low-flow shower heads or toilets and replacing light bulbs with LED or CFL lights.  However, your bathroom may need an upgrade to accommodate your needs or someone else’s as they age.  For example, adding rails or a ledge to the shower.  With less pressing issues there are pressing issues that call for a bathroom remodel, such as a leak in the wall.  This often calls for a tear out of the walls and floor to fix the leak..